Saturday 7 April 2012

Weekly Poll Discussion

Thanks to everyone that voted in last week’s poll and particularly those who commented. The question was “would you prefer more or less detail in Adventure Gamer posts?” and the results are as follows:

The more detail the better! I don’t care if every post is a novel!                               27 votes (39%)
I think there’s a balance that’s detailed enough without going on and on and on...   33 votes (48%)
I’d prefer short summaries that get to the point. I’m busy you know!                       1 vote (1%)
Stop asking questions and just play the bloody games already!                             7 votes (10%)

It’s nice to see that only one person out there doesn’t like detail, particularly as my tendency is to go overboard in that direction. I’m afraid that this might not be the blog for that particular reader. While I didn’t purposely make my posts on Shadowgate the most detailed I’ve written so far (the game demands a lot of explanation and I needed a lot of help), it did coincide with the poll quite well. Since 88% of voters like detailed posts to some extent, I’ll continue on in the fashion I have been. I’ll try to keep myself in check, but don’t be afraid to tell me if you think I’m crapping on too much.

Here's my Space Quest II review for that one reader that doesn't like detail.

There were a few requests that came out of the poll. One was for more screenshots, which I will happily implement, starting with Space Quest II. Another request was to announce spoilers. I’m not really sure how I could manage this one. After all, the majority of what I post is about my struggles to find solutions to problems, and then eventually how I solved them. I know that some readers intend to play the games themselves and some, such as Charles, like to play through them at the same time. I want to encourage this and I really enjoy knowing that others out there are going through the same experience as I am almost simultaneously, but if I avoid giving away spoilers, I don’t think this blog would be very interesting. I tend not to mention actual solutions in the introductory journals to each post, so if I make an effort to avoid doing so in future and merely describe the “story” elements, would that help those of you that want to know where I’m up to without ruining the experience for others?

Time for another poll! By the way, I do struggle to come up with these sometimes, so if anyone has any ideas for future polls, I’m all eyes. This week’s will be a little more fun after last week’s serious topic. Who is the best playable female character in adventure game history? Choices are:

April Ryan (The Longest Journey Series)
Kate Walker (Syberia Series)
Laura Bow (Laura Bow Series)
Laverne (Day of the Tentacle)
Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew Series)
Nicole Collard (Broken Sword Series)
Princess Rosella (King's Quest Series)
Sophia Hapgood (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis)
Victoria McPherson (Still Life Series)
Zoë Castillo (The Longest Journey Series)

Think I forgot someone? I’m sure you’ll tell me about it. ;)


  1. Damn, that's toughie. Do I go with Laura Bow simply because I loved Colonel's Bequest? Or Laverne cause she had some great lines? "Yo-ho! Mr Tentacle guy? I feel pukey...." Or Sophia Hapgood, just cause she's awesome? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    I'm so happy you're on SQ2. It was my favorite of the series, closely followed by 4.

  2. It's too bad Elaine Marley was never a playable character as she would easily have my vote.

    I can think of a few other female playable characters that you missed:

    Passionate Patti from Leisure Suit Larry 3 and 5
    Razor and Wendy from Maniac Mansion
    Annie, Melissa and Leslie from Zak McKracken

    It's been a long time since I played it, but was there a playable female main character in The Dig?

  3. Not sure if you'd count Tomb Raider as an adventure game, but if so, there's one glaring omission there. ;)

    1. best Tomb Raider would be considered an action adventure. If it was an adventure, the poll would have been a bit redundant though. ;)

  4. I add Zanthia From the Legends of Kyrandia series, which I REALLY hope you play.

    Of the legit choices, I'd go for April Ryan.

    1. Sorry, I was completely unaware that any of the Kyrandia series had a female protagonist. I look forward to playing that series...

  5. I agree with Bobby on this one : Zanthia absolutely rules (and Hand of Fate is a gem, too, which doesn't hurt). In the meantime, I'll go for Laverne, just because I think she may have the best walk ever animated for a character. And her voice too. And a few lines. And her tentacle disguise. And... well I just adore this game and the set of characters in it, so I may be a little influenced on this choice...

  6. The hard thing to know, for the 'balance' group of people, is are you at the balance point now? Should you be a little less? A little more?

    Also: Nuuuuuu, shadowgate, so detailed, so lovely....