TAG Logo Gallery

TAG Logo Gallery

Since our launch in 2011, "The Adventure Gamer" and (later) "The Adventurer's Guild" has had several logos. Here's a gallery! 

Our first logo, used from 2011 to 2018. Inspired by Monkey Island, this logo was on the site for three years before Trickster even made it to the game! 

Our second logo, used during 2018. Initially a promotion to tie in with Hero-U, the logo also features a meep from the Quest for Glory series. 

Our third logo was used from 2018 to 2021. Designed by Andy Panthro, the logo depicts the development of the Kings Quest series from the first through the seventh games. For some reason, we just pretended that that Mask of Eternity didn't exit...

Our newest logo with our new name! Adopted just prior to our site's tenth anniversary in October 2021, it depicts both the house from Zork I and a scene from Monkey Island

A holiday themed logo, first used in December 2021. 

A spring-themed logo, first seen in April 2022. 

A fall-themed logo, first seen in October 2022.

Unused Logos

This logo was developed in 2018, an attempt at an impressionist view of scenes from Kings Quest games. When Andy's logo was completed, this logo was quietly placed in a drawer and we decided to let real artists do the logos from then out...

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