Friday 30 March 2018

L.A. Law: The Computer Game – Final Rating

by Alex

Never before have I played a game that felt so much like work. Is this how cops felt when they first fired up Police Quest? Probably not, I’ll wager, reliance on the manual notwithstanding, because Police Quest, for all its faults, is actually a game. It has game-like elements and structure, with puzzles and a player character you can move around and do stuff with, and an actual sense of agency . . . unlike L.A. Law: The Computer Game, which is a glorified Choose Your Own Adventure story, but bad.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

L.A. Law: The Computer Game – Case #8: Becker’s Problem – WON!

by Alex

I did it, loyal TAG readers. I finished L.A. Law: The Computer Game. I hesitate to say “Won,” despite the title of this post (pre-established naming conventions, you know), because nobody wins when they play L.A. Law: The Computer Game. There is only a hollow sense of disappointment that, yes, I wasted close to six hours of my life playing this game. And you can too! I feel the need to share the pain, so I will wholeheartedly recommend that each and every one of you—yes, you in the back too!—go ahead and give this game a try. And then . . . then . . .

You know what? Nah. I’m perfectly content to be one of the, what, four people to ever play this game all the way through.

Monday 26 March 2018

Missed Classic: Emerald Isle - Leaving on a Jet Plane

By Ilmari

“You can’t see any water.” And here I thought I was surrounded by an ocean

Last time I had just managed to find a lamp and make it shine with some carbide granules and water (amusingly, I had to be at the middle of ocean, before the game acknowledged there was any water around). My next task was clear.

Sunday 25 March 2018

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Hungry Hungry Statues

Written by TBD.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Journal Entry #5: I spent most of my time in Atlantis running away from weak Nazis and putting things in statue's mouths. And if Sophia had been a bit more cooperative I would have rescued her too - maybe later.

Now that I've made my way to Atlantis three times, let's explore the lost underwater city.

After a submarine ride and a conversation with Sophia (TEAM), an underground Atlantean tram ride (WITS), or taking off my diving suit (FISTS) I stand at the entrance to Atlantis.

The room is dark in much the same way as the dig site in the Algerian desert, with the LOOK verb replaced by TOUCH.

Unsurprisingly, I touch everything I can see.

One of the things in the room objects to being touched.

Monday 19 March 2018

Interview with Muriel Tramis

Introduction by Ilmari

Our first interview with a French adventure gaming legend

It has been almost a year, since we posted a call for questions for Muriel Tramis, a creative force behind many titles of Coktel Vision - a company that played a similar role as Sierra in French adventure gaming industry, and indeed, later merged with Sierra. We've covered many of her games in the past and we might already distinguish two central topics investigated in her games - her Caribbean heritage (as shown in Mewilo) and sexuality (for instance, in Geisha). The latest game with her involvement we've covered was Fascination and we still have plenty of her games to look forward. I am pleased to announce that we've finally received the answers, together with some exciting news concerning a crowd-funding campaign for remaking an old game of Muriel Tramis. Without further ado, let's begin the interview!

Saturday 17 March 2018

L.A. Law: The Computer Game – Case #6: The Stolen House

by Alex

Sadly, an actual house doesn’t get stolen in this case, but how cool would that be? Instead, Brackman drops a matter on Victor that’s similar to the kinds of things that happen to lawyers in real life firms: He is asked to take a case pro bono for a firm employee’s family member. In this case, it’s one of the secretary’s aunts.

Brackman warns Victor not to take too much time on this case, as there probably is no case. But hey, Victor just made partner. He can win anything, right?

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Push slab. Push Slab! PUSH SLAB! PUUUUSHH SLAAAABBBB!

Indiana Jones Journal Entry 4: I spent most of the day killing Nazis and pushing stones. I even broke my ship rib by using it to push a stone. But I'll mourn later. Now, I have to rescue Sophia and/or explore Atlantis!

When we left off last time, I'd taken a barely-feasible balloon trip to Crete.


It had exactly enough gas to take me from Algeria, through Tunisia, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea and all the way to Crete. What luck!

Sunday 11 March 2018

L.A. Law: The Computer Game – Case #5: The Knotted Stalking

by Alex

We’ve got an apparent suicide. We’ve got the D.A. going after the younger husband. And we’ve only got nine in-game hours until trial. You know the drill. Let’s do this thing.

“I’m ready!”

Friday 9 March 2018

Missed Classic: Cutthroats - Won! Twice! And Final Rating

Written by Joe Pranevich

And it was such a nice dream, too...

Last week on Cutthroats, I lost. I successfully teamed up with my fellow treasure hunters, identified the location of the sunken cruise liner, solved a few underwater puzzles, and made it back to the surface with a priceless (and surprisingly dry) stamp collection. That sounds like the end, but then I was murdered in my sleep. Someone in our crew is a traitor, but who could it be? The Weasel? Pete the Rat? Johnny Red? This isn’t the most trustworthy crew and just about anyone could have done it.

At the beginning of last week’s session, I felt that the game was pedestrian. Now that I’ve found Berlyn’s “unexpected” twist, I am not so sure. I’ll have more thoughts about this once I unravel the mystery, but for now I am more annoyed than anything else. Let’s jump back in the game and discover the killer. Who could it be?

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - A Fistful of Scholars

Indiana Jones Journal Entry #3: Enough writing. Time for action. Lets hit some Nazis in the face!

Well, I've reached Atlantis on the TEAM and WITS path, so it's time to backtrack again and try to get here by hitting things with my FISTS.

Hopefully the Nazis are equally as accomodating

As before, lets start by going to Monte Carlo – maybe if Trottier's being uncooperative he'll find out how hard I can punch.

Sunday 4 March 2018

L.A. Law: The Computer Game – Case #4: The Hidden Assets

by Alex

After yet another victory, Victor Sifuentes is handed a divorce matter. Rebecca Stevens has hired McKenzie, Brackman to get a fair settlement in her divorce. And as Arnie Becker, the firm’s divorce guru, is busy, the duty falls on the new guy.

Friday 2 March 2018

Missed Classic: Cutthroats - Lost!?

Written by Joe Pranevich

Our target: the Leviathan.

Welcome back! Last week in Cutthroats, the game began with my friend handing me a map to sunken treasure just moments before he was murdered. The following day, wholesome undersea explorers with names like “The Weasel” and “Pete the Rat” approached me to help them search for a treasure that “they” knew about, coincidentally one of the treasures that only I know the location for thanks to my new map. Even better, I have to pay not only a share of the boat, but also buy all of the provisions for the journey. I feel used! As I ended last time, I sat in the outfitters looking glumly at the cashier. I have a price list and some cash, but absolutely no idea what I will need to make my adventure a success. I suspect that picking incorrectly will mean a dead end and potentially hours of backtracking.

Thus far, I am surprised by how “normal” this game seems. Other than the suggestion in the manual that there are multiple shipwrecks, it has played very vanilla. We have neither the “asshole protagonist” of Infidel, nor the interface-bending antics of Suspended. This seems like a pretty normal game, albeit one set in the real world rather than a science-fiction or fantasy setting. The game is slow to get started, but we’ll see if that impression holds this week.