Friday 23 February 2024

Sam & Max Hit the Road — Won!

Written by Michael

Last time, we ended with a cliffhanger.  Who DID shoot Mr. Burns?  Was it the drunk father?  The drunk guy in the bar?  The chain-smoking aunt?  Or maybe the gun-toting dog and bunny?

So, much like the tar in the pool below us, the end of this game is almost within reach.

New Diet Coke.  Lower Tar, Tastes Great

Last time around, I suspected that I was going to need to dress as a bigfoot in order to enter the party.  Seeing a vat of tar made me think of something getting “tarred and feathered” and so, with my pile of fake bigfoot hair, I’ll try to do the same thing.  When I has hanging over the tar pit, I noticed that I was given control of the mouse and icons as I bounced around a few times. 

Saturday 17 February 2024

Missed Classic: Urotsukidoji (うろつき童子) - Sad State of Affairs

 By Morpheus Kitami

I took a break on Urotsukidouji over December. It didn't really feel appropriate. Not really the kind of game you want to slink off to after Christmas dinner, or during the inevitable conversation one's family has about which political party should be strung up via their internal organs. Though I must admit this would make for an interesting conversation.

"Hey, Morpheus, that's in Chinese, isn't it? That must be cool."

"It's about a lot of people talking, and it's in Japanese."

"Really? Why are you playing it then?"

"I'm blogging about it and I'm sure the 10 people still reading the blog are mildly interested in how it goes."

Since last time, no clues have arrived. Ozaki is much the same as before. Kanzawa and Kumiko are uh, of the same bloodline, maybe. Karumera or Saomoto or something hasn't said anything. Our hero is Jaku, while the black demon is Kuroko...or black child. He tells Jaku that they're in a hurry and should search for it. Presumably the Chojin. In a timed dialog, which you know means I just love it.

I wouldn't say we're in a hurry though. As with all games who get criticism about things happening in a neat straight line at your convenience, this is going to be extra true here. My options at the moment are. Look*search, speak*listen, assault and the ever present system. I hear in America they have these adventure games where the speak action also counts as a listen action, the lazy bums. I bet they don't even have games where you're required to beat up a black child to advance.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Sam & Max Hit the Road — Hangin’ Out Down the Street

Written by Michael
I’m sure some people accuse me of this for my writing style.
Welcome back! When we last were here, our favorite crimefighters had just been given a slightly less than subtle hint about where to continue their search for the missing bigfoot and giraffe-necked girl. That destination was, of course, Graceland. Or is it Dollywood? I suspect it’s meant to be a mash-up of the two. It’s more of a Elvis/Graceland-style home/museum, but with the musical tastes (and perhaps some of the forward attitude) of Dolly Parton. Whatever it is, let’s start exploring!
 Wish me love a wishing well to kiss and tell; a wishing well of butterfly tears.
Looking around the front of the mansion, we see what has become a trademark in this game: lots of artistic detail that you cannot interact with in any way. So, the bird droppings on the statue of Bumpus in the middle of the water fountain just bring a smile, but no description.