TAG Hall of Fame

Meet some people who have been important to The Adventure Gamer!

The creator

Trickster - The creator of The Adventure Gamer. After having gone through many games of high quality and even more games of not so high quality, he transferred the responsibility for the blog to his readers. Trickster tried his hand with another blog, Retrosmack, which failed to attract as many readers as he desired. Always a restless spirit, he will probably create yet another blog some day.

Admin and regular reviewers

Alex - Our expert in Sierra adventures. He is known for his humorous reviews, which often turn into peculiarly deep conversations about politics, culture and history. Although he has been in conflict with Jim Walls, the well-known police officer, luckily Alex knows his jurisdiction, being a professional lawyer.

Alfred n the Fettuc - Our French representative, who is still searching for the game that would redeem French game developers. He is a mysterious person, who works in the movie industry and looks suspiciously like a famous adventure game persona. Alfred's Latin skills still need some practice.

Aperama - A brave reviewer of such infamous classics as B.A.T. and Les Manley 2. His piercing critical eye is respected by every game developer who has faced it. Only a few of those inconceivable adventure game absurdities are needed and Aperama will hit the game like a piledriver. This semi-professional wrestler also has his softer side - just witness his cute Thor figurine.

Deimar - Our appointed player of horror games, like the Elvira and Hugo-series (hey, at least it’s horror playing it). He is especially renowned for his “gruesome death of the week” GIFs, which immediately raised the rating of the blog from PG to R. Behind the veneer of a Spanish horror geek lies a true intellectual, who could lecture you to death with fine details of Computer Science.

Ilmari - The first commenter given the admin rights. He began his reviewing with a guest post on Oregon Trail and has since dedicated himself to playing the more eccentric and weird adventure games. Ilmari spends most of his time behind the scenes, making sure that TAG keeps running smoothly.

Joe Pranevich - The third commenter given the admin rights. He is highly respected as the launcher of Missed Classics, which have become a kind of passion for him. Joe should be admired for the thoroughness of his investigations into the history of adventure gaming and for his ability to hunt down developers of classic games for interviews.

Reiko - A connoisseur of interactive fiction. In addition to Legend text adventures, this lover of all things Japanese has already shown herself to be a master of puzzles. Reiko loves good stories in games, particularly if they involve aliens or magic, and she is well known as a reviewer in the modern IF scene. And we are all expecting her playthrough of the Journeyman Project -series.

The Brown Dragon - The second commenter given the admin rights. TBD, as he is known among friends, is a specialist in all things concerning Tex Murphy, although he’s known to dabble also with the King’s Quest -series. But you will most likely have seen his handwork in our CAP ratings. Yes, that’s right, TBD is behind the funniest and most original CAP awards.

Commenters and other friends

Andy Panthro - The inspiration for Panthro’s law. He is a long-time commenter, who is well known in many gaming related forums. Andy keeps his own blog, and from time to time, he also reviews games for TAG.

Canageek - Canada’s gift for geekdom. He is known for his ardent desire for CAPs and for his strong opinions about bad storytelling in adventure games. Canageek is especially famous for his successful attempt to make Trickster play the infamous and dreaded Emmanuelle.

Charles - The first commenter to play games along with a TAG reviewer. Charles hails from sunny South America and is well known and respected as the meditating wise man of the TAG community. But don’t ask him anything about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Corey Cole - One part of the Cole game design team, famous for such classics as Castle of Dr. Brain and Shannara. And oh yes, did we mention the Quest for the Glory -series? Corey is at the moment busy developing Hero-U, but visits TAG occasionally.

CRPG Addict - Inspiration for TAG. He uses also the alias of Chester Bolingbroke. Addict is dedicated to playing all CRPGs published in some European language for any computer.

Jim Walls - Designer of the Police Quest -series. A very convincing impersonator of him harassed Alex at some point.

Joseph Curwen - No, he is not a 300-year old witch, although his Lovecraftian nom-de-plume might suggest that. He is a regular commenter, who also enjoys blogging about things like good whisky, 80’s movies and old TV shows.

Kenny McCormick - Rumored to be none other than the Prince of Darkness. Don’t worry if his crude language offends you. Underneath all the profanities lies a sophisticated scholar capable of a highly intellectual discourse on the details of Chinese history. Kenny is also known for his love of The Scoop, which he reviewed for the blog and failed to complete.

Lars-Erik - Sponsored TAG early on by handing free games to those who guessed the correct Final Rating scores. He is known to have frequented strange restaurants which serve rather unpleasant dishes.

Laukku - Speculator of the blog. He garnered a fortune with a brave bet. Laukku is also known for his knowledge on the graphics and sounds of old adventure games.

Mara - Introduced to the world of TAG by Canageek, her beau. Despite her name, she is not a monster from Doctor Who, although she does enjoy watching the series. She is well known as the first person to audit TAG after the transfer to the community-based production model.

Rowan Lipkovits - The man with the accordion. He is a renaissance man with multiple talents. In TAG and other gaming related blogs he is mostly known as the official liaison to Mobygames or the font of infinite knowledge.

Zenic Reverie - The first person to make a guest review on the blog. He also has his own blog and is dedicated to playing all console RPGs in existence.

Would you like a place in TAG Hall of Fame? Just keep making interesting comments and you may one day join this exclusive club!

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