Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekly Poll Discussion

Another week flies by and another poll reaches its conclusion. Last week’s question was “Which of the following (if any) do you think is the best genre series on TV right now?” and while it appears a fair percentage of you don’t watch any of the series I selected, there was a very clear winner in the end.

Game of Thrones Votes                23 Votes (32%)
I don't watch any of these shows   20 Votes (28%)
Doctor Who                                  9 Votes (12%)
The Walking Dead                         7 Votes (9%)
Fringe                                          6 Votes (8%)
Misfits                                          3 Votes (4%)
American Horror Story                   2 Votes (2%)
Supernatural                                 1 Vote (1%)
Eureka                                         0 Votes (0%)
The Vampire Diaries                      0 Votes (0%)

Damn good books and TV series!

I’m very pleased to see that a lot of you agree that Game of Thrones is awesome. I think HBO have done an amazing job of bringing George Martin’s complex world to the screen and really hope they see it all the way to its conclusion (which George hasn’t even written yet mind you). My other personal favourite from the list is The Walking Dead, but I can understand how that might not be to everyone's tastes. You're either a zombie fan or you're not! The most striking thing for me in the results is how well Doctor Who did, so I’ve made a commitment to myself to give that show a proper go, despite my reservations.

This week’s question is a simple one. How did you first come across The Adventure Gamer blog? I wonder just how many of you came across from The CRPG Addict?


  1. I've been an adventure game fan since Maniac Mansion and was googling for a site similar to the crpgaddict's but for adventure games and found myself here. So a bit of google, a bit of crpgaddict. Great site, btw, keep it up!

  2. I was looking for a blog to replace The CRPG Addict, and tried several of them. Yours had the best and most interesting writing, even though it isn't a genre I'm a fan of, so I've stuck with it.

  3. I was googling around for Space Quest info after seeing the two guys are back together.

    1. They are? Is there an announcement about a new game?

    2. See:

  4. Wandered through from the cRPG addict, and decided to stay!

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  6. I know this post is from a couple years ago, but I found this blog referenced in an article on Grantland, an American sports and pop-culture website (a part of I found the blog about a week ago and have read from the beginning, getting to this post today. I see that you have taken a break at the moment, Trickster, but I hope you are back by the time I've caught up!

  7. Canageek convinced me to start reading.