Saturday, 5 May 2012

Weekly Poll Discussion

Well, I guess it’s not surprising that 84% of voters in the latest poll came across to The Adventure Gamer from The CRPG Addict. I had pretty much no traffic before he mentioned my blog and there was a massive spike once he did. I’m really happy that so many of you have become regulars here and I look forward to putting up the same poll in twelve months time to see whether the ratio has shifted. It would be great if I could see evidence that I’d come out from Chet’s shadow and earned some attention all on my own. Until then, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

I clicked a link on The CRPG Addict blog                 62 Votes (84%)
I Googled something and found myself here              5 Votes (6%)
I clicked a link on a different game related site          4 Votes (5%)
Someone recommended it to me                             2 Votes (2%)

Unfortunately Chet's output has been minimal of late but it sure beats none at all.

This week’s poll is a bit of deep one! A friend of mine and I were recently discussing how geeky we are, and in the process admitted to each other hobbies that we’ve up until now kept secret. I gave him a link to this site while he informed me that his boys’ weekends away were in fact LARP events.  It got me thinking about how uncool it is to enjoy comics, video games, live action role playing events and well, anything to do with science fiction and fantasy. I think there’s a bit of change with the more recent generations where being a geek is actually becoming cool (Scott Pilgrim should attest to that), but in my generation it certainly wasn’t (and still isn’t). I wanted to ask you guys which category of geek, if any, you would place yourself in.

It's more likely that only geeks have the software and know how to make marketing material like this


  1. You know, my blog is probably in your shadow (and Zenic's), and the huge majority of my traffic came after you put a link in your blog, so there is a kind of logic in all that ;)

  2. My latest Gold Rush post is taking a long time to write, so I'm afraid I'll have to complete it tomorrow morning. I have a lot to say about this game I guess! ;)

  3. Be gentle with it, you were the one that wanted a more difficult Sierra game. :p

  4. *looks at screen name, looks at you* Do I really have to say which one I picked?

  5. Honestly, I'm a total geek, but most of my friends are not. Even the few that are geeks tend to be geeky in different ways.

    I don't think geekdom is a route to isolation and pariah status anymore. There are still assholes, obviously, but they aren't usually the kind of people I'm really looking to talk to anyway.

  6. I remember listening to a radio show, where a girl called in to ask if she should disclose her hobby to her best friend. Her hobby was writing erotic Harry Potter fanfic, and the answer was "definitely not," and I agree with that. There are some levels of geekiness that should never be revealed.

    I'm quite a geek myself, mainly concerning computer games (although I'll admit to having read a Warhammer 40k novel or two, as well). Most of my friends aren't really into games on the level that I am, and while I don't actively try to hide my hobby, I tend to not bring it up with people that don't share, because it makes for poor conversation.

  7. Glad I was able to give you that boost, my friend. I'm out from under the pile, and I have a computer again, so you should see my productivity improving.

    1. That's great news! I still get excited to see a new post on your site despite being so busy keeping my own regularly updated.