Sunday, 5 August 2018

King's Quest VI – Knight of the Leaving Dead

Written by TBD

When we left off last time, Alexander had just entered the castle using Beauty's serving maid clothes and had gotten himself captured by attempting to enter the most obvious door.

Now, I played on for a little while and became stuck due to a dead-end that required me to reload to before entering the castle. I did reload, and did some extra exploring, and ended up finding the other way to enter the castle that the Oracle, Laukku and Michael had told me existed.

So let’s ignore my fruitless efforts in the castle for now, and deal with me finding a more circuitous route to the castle.


When I went back to town to swap my paintbrush for a nightingale (not having a nightingale was the dead-end I found in the castle) I saw a guy I hadn’t seen for quite a while.

You may look like a homeless Santa Claus with a paper boat for a hat, but I've missed you, man.

The lamp peddler is back, and I haven’t seen him since before I found my hunter’s lamp. Now that he’s back, and I have something he wants, he’ll trade with me.

Which lamp to take?

Whichever lamp I choose, the peddler tries to rub my old lamp, but is disappointed when no genie appears. I rub my new lamp, and no genie appears for me either. I reloaded and tried each lamp, but none of them seem of much use.

While in town, I also use Beast's mirror on various things and people – the mirror's supposed to show your true self or something. Creepy guy isn't a fan of what he sees.

Well, maybe Alexander shouldn't have held the mirror as far away from himself as possible.


When I visit chessboard land, the queens come back, which they haven't since my first visit. As they return I realise why – the coal I found on the Isle of Mists is what they want as a wedding gift. I give them my coal so they can now each give the couple the perfect gift, and they bounce off after giving me a spoiled egg in return. I use the egg in my inventory, which opens it - a noxious smell comes out.

I'll find a need for sulphur very soon.

I reload to before I opened the egg, and continued my exploring.


Outside Beast's castle, I try collecting water and discover something that was probably ROT13'ed at me in the comments of a previous post.

Wait... What “Make Rain Spell”? There's a "Make Rain Spell"?

I checked out my spellbook, which I had assumed only had one spell, and more carefully moved my mouse around. If I move my pointer to the edge of the book, I see an icon I hadn't seen before, a 'turn page' icon.

Marvel at my complete lack of observation skills!

I turn the page a few times and find that the spellbook contains three spells in total.

This spell turns me into Ed Sheeran

This spell turns me into Sarah Michelle Gellar

Okay – just making sure!

I have, or can get, many of the ingredients for the other two spells.

I need boiling water for the “Make Rain” spell. I think of the pond on this island, but the description makes me realise it won't work without help.

Damn. Did I need to finish that spell before passing this section?

I quickly realised that I was safe from a dead-end with the boiling water, as I'd have also needed the falling water from beyond the pond. I'm blaming my constant fear of being dead-ended while playing this game on King's Quest V – that experience scarred me for life.


Outside the minotaur's catacombs, I find I can crawl through the cave/hole next to the deadly nightshade bush, and also re-enter the catacombs through either the front or back door.

If I have the tinderbox in my inventory, I can enter the small cave and take some peppermint leaves from a tree on the other side. I remember the Vizier's henchman's weakness to mint earlier so keep that in mind.

Needing a skull for one of my spells, I go back through the back entrance to the minotaur's lair, where I recall seeing some skulls before helping Celeste escape.

Look, game. Alexander desires a skull for his magic spell - take... the damn... skull!

Well, this doesn't work so I revisit the front door and map the first level of the catacombs, which I neglected to do last time. In doing so, I notice a room I hadn't visited in my previous expedition.

Alexander will happily take a skull, but has very particular tastes when it comes to deciding which skull he'll actually take.


I try to use the oracle's sacred water with my new lamp, but find that I've chosen poorly.

But... it's short and stout!

After reloading back to when the lamp peddler was around and trying a few of the lamps, it hits me that the first lamp I found actually looks somewhat like a teapot. I ignore the peddler and pour the oracle's water into my original lamp – it works!

I'm wondering if I ever needed to swap lamps at all. I may need a different lamp later, or perhaps the lamp that appears in the Isle of the Beast is randomly chosen from the potential lamps, and it just so happened that I'd gotten the only useful one.

Either way, I know where to get falling water, but I still need salt water NOT from the sea. I briefly wonder if I can get normal water and put salt in it, wondering if I'd seen salt anywhere, and the answer suddenly hits me – human tears – or in this specific case, baby tears.


I go to the Isle of Wonder's garden and collect tears from the baby's tear plants.


Back at Beast's fountain, I collect some falling water. I now have all the ingredients in the lamp, and am ready to cast the spell. I use the spellbook to do so.

Now all I need is to bring the waters to the boil.


I go the the Isle of Mists and let the Druids capture me – this time they appeared on the beach to capture me instead of me having to go north to be killed.

Alexander will do anything to avoid having to wear a dress, including setting fire to the only disguise he has.

Nicholas continues to get hot, and Alexander pulls out his lamp, holding it in his hand as it starts to boil, completing the "Make Rain Spell".

Ummm... shouldn't a metal lamp that's heated to boiling be impossible to hold? Has my hand melted and become part of the lamp?

A short thunderstorm puts out the fire, and the Archdruid now sees me as a powerful nature wizard, and lets me live.

I'd mention the way the Vizier's obviously framed another island for theft, but I'm more interested in how the wicker cage survived the furious flames intact - I'm building my next house out of wicker!

The Archdruid offers to help, so I mention the oracle's advice about freeing two souls from the Realm of the Dead.

I just deliberately got myself captured and set on fire? Of course I'm mad!

Um... you do realise you just tried to kill me yourself, right? Why the sudden concern?

Anyway, he tells me that any human has the right to challenge the Lord of the Dead in order to save the life of another already passed. To his knowledge only one has tried it. A knight once came to the Land of the Green Isles a long time ago and went to challenge the Lord for the soul of his lover.

What's the bet I find this horse next time I visit the Isle of the Sacred Mountain's nightshade plant?

The knight never returned, and his way of challenge is not known and likely lies with him.

Before leaving, I put the oak embers in my skull in order to begin my "Charm Creature of the Night Spell".

Where am I carrying this skull, exactly? In my pants? Are my pants made of wicker?

I also put my rotten egg and strand of Cassima's hair in the skull in order to complete the spell ingredients. Now all I need is a creature of the night. Let's check out that nightshade bush...


As predicted, there's now a pegasus eating some delicious and deadly nightshade. I open my spellbook and cast my spell.

A ghostly smoky hand leaves the skull and beckons to the Night Mare.


Night Mare takes me to my destination, and I immediately notice two ghosts walking together.

I know – I recognise you both from a painting I saw before I reloaded my game.

That's more blatant than I expected. I thought he seemed like the type to get what he wanted through political maneuvering and deceit rather than simple murder - I'm disappointed in you, Alhazred - I thought you were subtle!

Allaria gives me her ticket to the Underworld so I can convince the Lord of the Dead to allow the three of us to leave. I'm a little disappointed that Cassima's parents were the two spirits bent on revenge the oracle told me about – I was looking forward to the idea of reluctantly working with Mordack and Manannan. Oh well, another of my predictions is down the drain.

If I get too close to any of the other undead that wander the area, I turn to dust at their ghoulish touch, but they're easy enough to avoid.

On the way to the Lord's chamber, I agree to help a ghost mother reunite with her son by giving him her ghost handkerchief if I ever meet him, and realise I can talk to the random wandering zombies.

Alexander remains polite even when conversing with mindless zombies.

At the entrance to the Underworld, in a screen I've seen every time I died (i.e. a lot!) in this game, I see a xylophone made of bones – of course, I play it.

While dancing, one of the skeletons dropped a skeleton key, which I pocketed.

I hand Allaria's ticket to the concierge, walk through the door I usually pass as a ghost, and arrive...

… here.

There is a dead knight on the path. He's the knight that the Archdruid told me of. I actually didn't remember the druids mentioning a knight while I played this part, so didn't remember his story. I take his gauntlet, because that's the only thing of his I can take.

The gauntlet apparently has an essay written on it.

After only once clicking on the wrong spot and drowning, I arrive at the River Styx. I take some water for my magic spell, and give Charon the crossing fee, which I assume correctly to be the two coins I found on a skeleton in the labyrinth. Though after checking out Charon on wikipedia, I think the bastard ripped me off.

Hey. Where's my change – wikipedia told me the fare is supposed to be only ONE coin!

On the other side of the river I come to another gate – this one wants to talk, and its name is Gate.

How do you smell without a nose?

I ask Gate if there's any task I can perform so that I may pass, and he decides that if I can solve his riddle I'll be allowed to pass.
The Land of the Dead has recently decided to move away from the QWERTY keyboard.

The riddle is solved by simply picking the correct letter/s from each word.
  1. The first word in legally is L
  2. An O is a circle, and is the first letter in outwardly (okay, this one I don't quite get but still guessed correctly)
  3. The first letter in victory is V
  4. The letter that comes last, twice, in nominee is E.

I plug in the answer, which I noticed was also the answer to the riddle that flew away when I took it from the black widow. L.O.V.E. Then Alexander drones on and on about love for a while.

Gee, Alexander. Can you get any more saccharine?

I walk through Gate, enter the final chamber, and talk to the guards

Why? Are you going to put on a show?

I'm escorted to the Lord of Death himself, who to my limited cultural knowledge looks somewhat Aztec.

Because it would be inappropriate of me to wear somebody else's.

After trying a few things, Death gets impatient, and touches me.

But I didn't even eat the Salmon Mousse?!

I start to offer Death my items. First, I tried using my skeleton key on his padlock, but the game thought I was offering it to him instead. I also try to make him drink my death-feigning potion or be moved by my love poetry. Eventually I give him the gauntlet I took from the dead knight.

Did I say 'give it to him'. I meant 'threw it near him in defiant challenge'

He asks which soul I wish to fight for, a dead maiden or perhaps myself. I reply that I wish to save both of Cassima's parents AND myself.

You do realise you're actually talking to DEATH, right, Alexander. As in, THE... DEATH!

Death offers a challenge worthy of such a reward – if I can make him cry, I will prevail. I decide he might like to look at himself so I show him Beast's mirror.

Now that he's distracted, I should kick him in the groin and make my escape!

After showing Death his true nature, the Mirror of Truth shatters and Death sheds a single tear.

Death grants my request/demand, and me and my potential parents-in-law ride the horsie back to the land of the living.


In other words, you want me to face all the danger so you can come in at the last moment in triumph.
Whoah there, lady. I met your daughter for two minutes one time – I don't think you get to call me 'son' yet.

Having gotten the final spell ingredient from the Land of the Dead, I decide to paint a magic picture on the only canvas I'd found so far – the ferryman's sail.

Paint on it with my magically charged paintbrush, of course.


With my original, and I thought - rather clever, plan not working, I go to plan B.

Meep. Meep!

My painted door turns into a proper door. I step through it, and end up in the castle, in a different place than I was when I went through the front door.

Four doors and two corridors – the possibilities are endless… ... or six.

So, now that I’ve entered the castle two different ways, next time I’ll wander around the castle in two different ways.

Session time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Total time: 11 hours 05 minutes

Predictions made:
  1. Something will be in the tree hole later - BUSTED
  2. Some animal will need a flute song to be calmed  - just needed someone to dance - BUSTED
  3. I'll need to distract someone with a fake nightingale – not a distraction - BUSTED 
  4. I'll meet a painter without a brush or need to paint something myself - CONFIRMED
  5. I'll need light, or a fire at some point. (actually, this prediction is valid for just about every single adventure game ever made) - CONFIRMED
  6. The pawn shop returns policy will be used to avoid the game having dead-ends - CONFIRMED
  7. I'll be visiting the legendary fourth island (which is actually the fifth island) - CONFIRMED
  8. I'll have to solve puzzles in order to meet the leaders of each of four islands - CONFIRMED 
  9. The bookseller's free book is cursed - probably already proven wrong - BUSTED 
  10. The swimming kid had an ulterior motive - CONFIRMED 
  11. The death sequence area will be playable later - CONFIRMED
  12. I'll need a plant growing potion or sticky substance to climb the vines - BUSTED
  13. The creepy guy has a glass eye which I'll need to get - BUSTED 
  14. The pawn shop guy will throw out rubbish that I'll take and use - CONFIRMED 
  15. The boring book will be used to put someone to sleep - CONFIRMED 
  16. I won't meet Princess Cassima on my first visit to the castle - CONFIRMED 
  17. The shopping creepy guy is also the Vizier's henchman - CONFIRMED
  18. I'll be performing dentistry on a clam - CONFIRMED
  19. The hole-in-the-wall bug will allow me into the castle - I just got to look inside - BUSTED
  20. I'll be crashing a wedding with or without Owen Wilson
  21. I'll use a serving girl outfit to enter the castle (this is my third castle entering prediction) - CONFIRMED
  22. The Cinderella girl's outfit will get me (or her) into the castle - CONFIRMED
  23. The Winged Ones' golden fleece was stolen by the Vizier and I'll find proof of this later
  24. I'll be able to depose Azure and Aeriel as leaders of Sacred Mountain Land, possibly for their daughter - BUSTED
  25. The Vizier's also stolen Beast's coat of arms.
  26. I'll have to work with dead wizards Mordack and Manannan to succeed in my quest - BUSTED
  27. The "Drink Me" potion will help me enter the Land of the Dead - BUSTED
  28. The animals with the glinting eyes that are just watching me are either the lure-me-to-death creature who's decided to let me succeed instead, or someone else.
  29. In another of my bold predictions, the vizier's also stolen the Druid's sacred oak.
  30. The Night Mare will suddenly appear near the nightshade bush after I've been told I need him - CONFIRMED
PREDICTION NOTE: I was really disappointed when prediction 26 didn't come true. I'd very much hoped I was going to meet Manannan and Mordack in the Land of the Dead. And I had started suspecting that the creature luring me to my death and/or the animals watching me succeed in my quest may also have been one of/both of the wizards rather than the Vizier's henchman. I thought that would explain why they had been trying to kill me at first, but after realising I could help them escape death or achieve redemption, were just watching me succeed instead. I was looking forward to seeing Alexander having to decide if he was willing to work with the guy who'd kept him as a slave for the first 18 years of his life and the wizard who'd captured Alexander's family and forced the woman he loved to be his slave, or if he would refuse their help at the risk of a less successful endgame.


  1. The realm of the dead (and making Death cry) is one of the most memorable sections in the game, and probably contributed to the game's popularity.

    Hasbeghangryl GOQ jba'g trg gur orfg raqvat abj orpnhfr ur qvqa'g orsevraq Wbyyb naq qvqa'g genqr sbe gur pbeerpg ynzc.

    Gung ynzc chmmyr eryvrf ba n znwbe cybg ubyr: Nyrknaqre arire frrf gur ynzc crefbanyyl, bayl gur cynlre qbrf ivn phgfprarf. Vg ivbyngrf bar bs gur cevapvcyrf va Eba Tvyoreg'f "Jul nqiragher tnzrf fhpx" negvpyr:

    "Nf na rkrepvfr, gnxr bar pbzcyrgr cngu guebhtu n fgbel tnzr naq gura gryy vg gb fbzrbar ryfr, nf vs vg jrer n fgnaqneq fgbel. Vs lbh svaq cynprf jurer gur znva punenpgre pbhyq abg unir xabja n cvrpr bs vasbezngvba gung jnf hfrq (gur punenpgre jub yrnearq vg qvrq va n cerivbhf tnzr), gura gurer vf n ubyr va gur cybg."

    1. Replying only to tell TBD: this ROT-13 contains information you may wish to know after finishing the game, but before writing your final post. I suggest reading it before you consider yourself "done" when the time comes.

      V'z zreryl zragvbavat guvf orpnhfr V xabj GOQ jvyy yvxr gb xabj nobhg nygreangr raqvatf. V whfg jnagrq uvz gb unir n punapr gb ercynl vs ur jnagf orsber gur raq.

    2. Yeah. I've already finished the game twice and still not had the 'best' ending - but for the sake of completeness I'm going to find it.

      Does anyone know if Jollo ever stops randomly coming to the bookstore? I've got a saved game from just before giving the nightingale my ring but after a bunch of attempts Jollo still doesn't appear.

    3. I think there are a limited number of conversations you can have with him. Do you remember the last thing he said?

    4. What I mean is, not that you just get a few chances, but once you've gone through all the ones he has, he stops coming back. (I think is how it works, anyway.)

    5. Well, according to my screenshots the last thing he said was, "I told you, I'm not interested in talking to strangers." apart from telling me he's not interested when I offered him my inventory items.

      I think I didn't bother talking to him after that, though I had seen him at least once since.

      Seeing as I got rid of the ring almost as soon as I found it because the map was more useful, and the nightingale gave me a present the second time I gave the ring up, I never got the chance to show it to the jester, and had no reason to try until I consulted a walkthrough after finishing.

      Looks like I have a lot of game to replay if I want to see the best ending. :)

    6. Ahh.. whoops, heh. I thought you'd probably thought of showing the ring to him at some point. (Maybe a little obscure, but it does identify Alexander to other people, like the castle guards, shopkeeper, and Cassima.)

    7. In my last playthrough I only talked to Jollo once before the endgame (after talking to the ferryman but before getting the map) and I still got the golden ending and full points, so I think any further conversations with him are just for fleshing out the story. As long as you show him the ring once you should be set.

      It was just bad luck that the first time you saw him was before you had even found the ring (which I think the game assumes you'll do first thing if you look at the "Beginner's Walkthrough" in the help menu). It is one of the few things that the game kinda screws you over on, since it's a mistake you can make early on without realizing the repercussions until nearly the end of the game, but it softens the blow a little bit from similar situations in, say, King's Quest V because it doesn't dead-end you, it just merely locks you out of the *best* ending.

    8. Another way the game softens dead ends: If you don't have the necessary items to solve the Minotaur labyrinth when you first meet the winged people, they give you a chance to prepare (as happened on TBD's playthrough). But if you do return they throw you in regardless.

      Still, there are many dead ends:

  2. When I was younger, for a while I suspected theft between the xylophone scene in KQ6 and the falling-off-the-tree-steps scene in Monkey Island 2...

    1. I thought of that scene at the time too! Dancing skeletons are rare enough to be memorable.

  3. All right, I'll give credit where credit is due...the Queen in this version looks a lot more like Cassima in this version than the original low-res portrait does (and admittedly the archdruid looks far more awesome here too). I also noticed that dying to Death (as well as the jail picture from last week's post) uses Alexander's original portrait as a template. Looks like QA missed something!

    Speaking of dying to Death, when you die elsewhere in the Land of the Dead, it sometimes plays the same death animation as normal, even if you die past the entrance (like, say, by falling into the River Styx), which never made sense to me: if Alexander's body was already past the entryway, why would his spirit or soul or whatever suddenly be back out and have to make the trip in again? Also, I imagine the concierge would be like, "Hey, didn't we just let you in?"

    I also seem to remember in supplemental material (maybe an interview with Roberta Williams or something) that every realm in the King's Quest world has its own Land of the Dead, with this one exclusive to people who die in the Land of the Green Isles, so Mordack probably wouldn't have shown up there anyway. Also, it's possible that Manannan didn't die: sure, he was left tied up in a bag with a dead fish, but he's a smart cat (probably); maybe he clawed his way out of the bag or poked a hole with a fish bone or something. And would a cat go to a human afterlife anyway? Even if the cat used to be a human? Would Manannan have a human ghost or a cat ghost? So many existential questions!

    1. >I also noticed that dying to Death (as well as the jail picture
      >from last week's post) uses Alexander's original portrait as a
      >template. Looks like QA missed something!

      I hate it when pixel art is only partially redone in a different resolution. It looks plain sloppy. It's especially bad in Gabriel Knight 1, where the low-res graphics AND the text are unevenly stretched in 640x480 mode. That's why I prefer to play these two games in 320x200.

      >Would Manannan have a human ghost or a cat ghost?

      Maybe he gets to look like whatever he wants?

    2. I noticed the low-res death scenes. It seems to be late game death scenes that weren't redone. Maybe they started from the beginning but the artists were slower than the budget allowed.

    3. I think it's because the high-res talking-animation portraits were done specifically for in-game voiced dialogue lines, while the animations of Alex dying in the Land of the Dead (or other things, like being captured in the castle) are just animations.

      Though I can understand it'd definitely be a bit distracting to someone playing the Windows version.

    4. Having now replayed the entire game in Lo-Res mode in order to get the perfect ending, I can say that none of the death screens have been converted to hi-res.

      It's just that Alexander only appears in the death screen in a few occasions near the end of the game. The other death screens just have the skeleton from the Land of the Dead as the picture.

  4. Nice touch with the salmon mousse over there. I am sure they didn't use canned salmon anyway.

  5. I think the 2 coins refer to a (incorrect) common belief that a coin was placed over each eye, when I was younger this was the first version I heard as well. If you read further in the wiki page, it also mentions "Ancient Greek and Latin literary sources, however, mention a pair of coins only when a return trip is anticipated, as in the case of Psyche’s catabasis, and never in regard to sealing the eyes". Theoretically this would be correct for the game where he anticipates a return trip, though my money (no pun intended) is on that they used the "coins on the eyes" as a basis.

    1. TBD didn't show a screenshot in the last post, but that's where they are in the skull in the labyrinth. (And I think the one coin is supposed to go on/under the tongue?)

    2. From my quick searching, the 2 coins on the eyes for passage is largely a misconception. It's what I always thought and I only found out it was supposed to be one coin when looking up Charon on wikipedia.

    3. And I've just realised I basically repeated what you said in my reply but with less detail. Oops.

    4. The coin does go indeed go in the mouth, usually on the tongue. And TBD, I think more of us heard the same thing when we were younger, at least now I know it is common and not just some regional misconception.

    5. One game that does get it right is Infocom's TRINITY (by Brian Moriarty, who also made LucasArts' LOOM).

  6. This isn't a spoiler in terms of puzzle solution, more just something amusing you haven't come across yet, but Zbeqnpx naq Znanaana qb trg n zragvba yngre ba!

    not having a nightingale was the dead-end I found in the castle

    ?? Why was this a dead-end? I don't remember that.

    1. TBD's probably already gotten to this part based on his comments, but just in case, gur gbl avtugvatnyr vf arrqrq gb qvfgenpg gur thneqf va gur unyyjnl fb lbh unir gur serrqbz gb farnx nebhaq gur hccre sybbe.

    2. Mmm, okay. V gubhtug vg jnf cbffvoyr gb whfg or irel pnershy, yvxr ubj va gur qhatrba yriry lbh trg n jneavat jura sbbgfgrcf ner nccebnpuvat.

    3. They don't seem to ever leave unless distracted. But I'll get into that in the next gameplay post. :).

      P.S. I've finished the game now, so ROT13'ing is no longer necessary for my benefit - unless people are playing along and not finished yet.

  7. Borrowed from an online walkthrough, but in case anyone is interested in all the different variations in the endings (there are many!)

    1. Ab jrqqvat evat (Yrnir Eblny Vafvtavn Evat ng Cnja Fubc)
    2. Pnffvzn unf gur evat (Fraq Eblny Vafvtavn Evat gb Pnffvzn ivn Fvat Fvat)
    3. Nyrknaqre unf gur evat (Trg Eblny Vafvtavn Evat sebz Cnja Fubc, ohg qb abg
    tvir vg gb Pnffvzn)

    4. Wbyyb tvirf Pnffvzn gb or jrq (Qb abg erfphr Xvat Pnyvcuvz naq Dhrra
    5. Pnffvzn'f cneragf tvir ure gb or jrq (Erfphr Xvat Pnyvcuvz naq Dhrra

    6. Pncgnva Fnynqva fcrnxf sbe Nyrknaqre (Xvyy gur travr)
    7. Xvat Tenunz fcrnxf sbe Nyrknaqre (Pncgher gur travr)

    8. Wbyyb qbrf abg cresbez ng gur jrqqvat (Qb abg orsevraq Wbyyb)
    9. Wbyyb unccvyl nggraqf gur jrqqvat (Orsevraq Wbyyb; Erfphr Xvat Pnyvcuvz naq
    Dhrra Nyynevn; Xvyy gur travr)
    10. Wbyyb cresbezf ng gur jrqqvat (Orsevraq Wbyyb; Erfphr Xvat Pnyvcuvz naq
    Dhrra Nyynevn; Pncgher gur travr)

    11. Funzve vf abg cerfrag (Xvyy gur travr)
    12. Funzve vf cerfrag (Pncgher gur travr)

    13. Gurer ner ab jrqqvat thrfgf (Xvyy gur travr)
    14. Nyrknaqre'f snzvyl nccrnef ng gur jrqqvat (Pncgher gur travr; Qb abg
    qvfpbire gur fgbyra gernhferf)
    15. Nyrknaqre'f snzvyl naq gur ehyref bs gur vaqvivqhny vfynaqf nccrne ng gur
    jrqqvat (Pncgher gur travr; Qvfpbire gur fgbyra gernfherf)

    Orfg raqvat: Fraq Eblny Vafvtavn Evat gb Pnffvzn ivn Fvat Fvat; Erfphr Xvat
    Pnyvcuvz naq Dhrra Nyynevn; Pncgher gur travr; Orsevraq Wbyyb; Qvfpbire gur
    fgbyra gernfherf.

    Jbefg raqvat: Yrnir Eblny Vafvtavn Evat ng Cnja Fubc; Qb abg erfphr Xvat
    Pnyvcuvz naq Dhrra Nyynevn; Xvyy gur travr; Qb abg orsevraq Wbyyb; Qb abg
    qvfpbire gur fgbyra gernfherf.