Monday 16 April 2018

What's Your Story? - Biscuit

Introduction and captions by Ilmari

We've received a lot of new readers this year and some of your introductory stories have had to wait rather long for their publication. Here are finally answers from our reader known as Biscuit, and no, he's probably not a character in yet another law show.

His avatar has an oriental feeling to it

My home country is...


My age is... 


The first adventure game I played was... 

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Hopefully you like TBD's take on the game

My favourite adventure game is... 

The Longest Journey

We still have a few games to get here
When I’m not playing games I like to... 

Play music (piano, particularly), read, and explore nature.

I like my games in... 

A box, preferably, but more commonly acquire them in a digital format.

The thing I miss about old games is... 

The willingness to experiment, even if it results in a bad game.

The best thing about modern games is... 

The sheer number of them and resurgence in more 'indie' studios.

The one TV show I never miss is... 

Steven Universe. (I'm a sucker for a pure love of music and good animation and characters)

Never heard of this one before. What it's like?

If I could see any band live it would be... 

Iron and Wine

My favourite movie is... 

Either Once or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

One of the better Jim Carrey movies

One interesting thing about me is... 

I served in the Peace Corps and am mildly fluent in Moroccan Arabic.


  1. Ha, I hadn't seen a 'What's your story?' on the site until after I'd sent this in, so I didn't realize these would be posted, or how much detail was usually put in! I figured these were just short bios put up on the site somewhere, so sorry for the super short post!

    Addendums: My avatar comes from The Longest Journey series, actually. I've been carrying that game with me in one form or another since middle school and I introduced a lot of my friends to it to get them into adventure games. It just had such a deep love for character and story and I loved the setting it made. Even if it has a pretty infamous puzzle near the beginning.

    And I did love TBD's take on Fate of Atlantis! It's on my list to get back into, but it was fun seeing him go through all three scenarios and half-remembering puzzles and solutions from back when I was a kid. I'd completely forgotten that I had tried all the routes at least once each.

    As for Steven Universe, it's another show I've sold a good amount of friends on, even while technically being a 'kids' show. All the voice actors/creators have a music background, so the music in the show is fantastic and there are always multiple great songs for each season. It's also probably the most optimistic show out there, in any genre, while being incredibly nuanced and tackling all kinds of difficult subjects from relationships to depression to PTSD. And it's just pretty to look at, and the animators have a clear love of animation history and throw in plenty of references throughout the 5 seasons so far.

    But yeah, thanks for including me and for all the great work you all do here! I definitely love being a reader, even if I'm not often a commenter.

    1. Glad that you still gave some additional information! It's completely our fault that our "ad" for What's Your Story answers isn't more clear about what we want. I added a sentence explaining the concept a bit more, I hope the future commenters won't have the same problem.

  2. Thanks for the fuller version

  3. Welcome aboard! I suppose we haven't done one of these in a while, but it's always great when commenters introduce themselves to the community.