Thursday, 22 October 2015

Results of the Lurker Poll

by The TAG team

The Lurker poll ended a while ago, and it seems that most non-commenters just didn't feel they'd have anything to contribute to the discussion or then they just didn't want to go through all the fuss of creating an account, just to make a comment. We've now decided to solve the latter problem in an easy way and to continue accepting anonymous commenting in the future.

We've also considered carefully how to deal with CAPs and anonymous comments. We'd surely want to reward good comments, no matter if they are made anonymously. So, we've made a clever innovation. We'll set up a Bank of Anonymous in the CAP scoreboard, and each time an anonymous commenter earns some CAPs, they are automatically stored to the Bank. And how will the CAPs be used? Well, the details are a bit hazy - and feel free to make great suggestions - but rest assured that your CAPs will be safe in the Bank of Anonymous!

No one has managed to break through our securities

Full Results:

Why do you lurk instead of commenting?

Hey, I do comment!

  14 (18%)
I just don't think I'd have anything to contribute to the discussion
  29 (37%)
You all seem so critical that I am scared to comment
  0 (0%)
You do not allow commenting anonymously and I don't want to reveal my identity
  3 (3%)
I don't want to trouble myself with creating an account just to make a comment
  11 (14%)
I'm just a mindless spam bot that accidentally pressed this option
  7 (9%)
What, is it possible to comment?
  0 (0%)
I have other reasons for not commenting
  13 (16%)

Votes: 77


  1. I take full credit for the idea of the Bank of Anonymous. All me!

    1. Well, I was the first to say something like, "Yeah....why not?" so I can take credit for agreeing that your idea was a good idea. That's something, right?

    2. Well, since saying that, I'll admit that I now realise that this also means that I'm guilty for any and all abuses. Eep.

      For those who said they had 'other reasons' - anyone want to further elucidate? I suppose these could all have been the people who view the blog via RSS..

    3. I think one of the reason may be: "It's filled with too much NSFW content due to a singular commentator whom they do not wish to identify because of a deep-seated (but totally not unfounded) paranoia that said commentator will crawl through time & space to stab them and perform all those NSFW stuff on their mutilated bodies."

  2. Since you were so kind to switch on anonymous comments: Hi everyone! Actually, one of the main reasons I didn't register before was that I don't really have the time and/or desire to play along many of the games. PQ3 is a good example - the last time I tried to finish it, the bugs and interface turned me off about 2 hours in.

    On the other hand, Corey Cole reads these comments, so that's a huge bonus, as I grew up on the QfG series.

    So, either way, I'll try to post some now that the reason I cited in the poll for not commenting so far has been eliminated :-)

  3. And now... regarding the CAPs Vault of the illustrious Bank Of Anonymous; I'd like to suggest the following:
    1) Give it a 1% annual interest rate.
    2) When we have the yearly Gamer's Choice and tie-breakers for TAG Awards, we open up polls for Anons to vote. Each vote will cost 1 CAP.

    1. Both suggestions sound interesting, although I'd probably do the voting so that 1/n of votes for certain game means 1/n of the CAPs from Bank spent for that game. We'll have to plan some more.