Sunday, 25 August 2013

What's Your Story? - Cro Gamer

Since my act by act posts are taking a little bit longer to get out for The Colonel’s Bequest, this seems a good time to introduce one of our newer (and younger) readers. To think that when I was his age, I was playing some of the games we’re about plunge into for 1990! Welcome to the blog Cro Gamer!

 Cro Gamer: From the look of things, I'm quite glad I didn't run into him during my visit to Croatia a few years back.

My home country is... Croatia.

My age is... 13.

The first adventure game I played was... I think Sam & Max Season 1. Don't know what episode.

If the episodic version of Sam & Max is anywhere near as good as the original, I'm in!

When I am not playing games I like to... visit sites like your blog, Adventure Gamers or Adventure Classic Gaming.

I like my games... in a box format.

My favorite adventure game is... Dracula 3, Cognition, or Blackwell series. I can't decide.

I have to admit that I long for graphics like this. It's been a long time!

The thing I miss about the old games is... the old Sierra deaths.

The best thing about modern games is... that they are in position to make better and more complex stories.

The one TV Show I never miss is... Doctor Who.

Everything seems to be pushing me to watch this show these days. I think the time might have come!

If I could see any musician alive it would be... Skrillex.

My favorite movie is... Sherlock Holmes 2.

One interesting thing about me is... that I am a sucker for horror adventure games like The Cat Lady.

 Is this game actually good? It sure looks unique.

If anyone else wants to send their What's Your Story responses through and get 20 CAPs in the process, please send them to


  1. If you have a better quality avatar image Cro Gamer, do send it through and I'll update it.

  2. Wow, that's really young for a fan of an old genre like this! You even like old Sierra deaths! I wonder how you got introduced to the genre.

    Speaking of deaths in adventure games, I don't like them when they're unpredictale or used to punish the player for very small mistakes. A sensible use of deaths is when used to enhace the drama: e.g. Fate of Atlantis was a big exception in LucasArts' no-death policy. The recent director's cut of Broken Sword 1 removed any possibility to die, and it really ruined the tension IMO.

    1. I like the way Sierra did things, as often a death was a way of saying you needed to try a different approach to a puzzle.

      Generally, if I got annoyed at it, it was because I hadn't saved recently and so had to repeat a section of the game. If the game is poor, and repeating sections feels like a chore, then the deaths will feel a lot worse.

  3. Never heard of this game before, but you can get Cat Lady and a couple other adventures for $5 at

    1. I strongly recommend playing this game.

      It's so good that you can even smell cats in your room.

  4. Wow someone from Croatia :D Cool :D