Friday 19 April 2024

Wayne's World - Welcome to Uncle Nutzy's Clubhouse

by Michael

This logo reminds me of another adventure game publisher...

So, last post, I said the game wasn’t as bad as I expected.  And that’s still true.  But it is far from the “Pinnacle of Entertainment Software” as their logo in the game loading sequence claims.

I probably could have finished the game in this session, but I really needed to take a break.  

Recapping from the last time, we’ve crossed 5 of the 10 items off of our to-do list.  So let’s see how to handle the rest of them.  First, my thoughts before I started out:

  • Advertising - I’ll need to find the mascot mouse or a replacement to pep up the ad agency staff

  • Volunteers - I need to befriend the biker gang

  • TV air time - I’ll need to steal the time slot somehow from the gadget guy

  • Electronic totals board - I’ll need to use the remote control to commandeer the televisions/computers from either the TV studio or the invention business

  • Pizza ingredients - need to be obtained, somehow, from the supermarket

And it turns out that I’m right on 4 out of 5 of these.  Let’s see how I worked this out.

For the mouse, my original theory was that I could catch another mouse from the invention place and bring him to the ad agency.  So, I go back to Inventions ‘R Us.  Looking everywhere, using the hockey stick on the file cabinet even (trying to scare one out) is a meaningless use of my time.  I also try the remote on the screens here, but Wayne has no idea what my plan is.  So, I’m probably not right about bringing another mouse from here.  I’m guessing they’re gone for good.

Well, that, and the fact that all these tables seem to be missing chairs.  That makes sitting a little more challenging.

So, I start visiting other locations, trying to get my brain in gear.  And I stumble on another hidden space.

In the pizzeria, while mousing over to the exit, I notice the space to the right of the hostess counter is labeled as a hallway.  So, I USE it (again, no walk icon), and land in the kitchen.

They foretold the future of restaurants, with automation.

So, while the automated pizza machinery is a cool concept, there’s nothing for us to do with it.  But there’s two items not nailed down.  On the leftmost counter is a slice of cold cheese pizza, and from the steam pipe of the pizza machine is, well... I thought it was a lever at first, but it turns out it is a tube if some sort, and can be taken.

This makes me feel bad for all the times I knocked over the bikes in PQ1 AGI.  (Fun thing you can do for no points or plot reason, probably added by Al Lowe.)

Back to the Donut Shoppe, and of all the things I can bribe the biker dude with, the candy bar touches him so much, we become honorary members of the gang.  And when I ask, he says they’ll show up to the pizza-thon.  (Yes, I just tried random things on him, because why not?  The game and dialog gave me no hints AT ALL about how to win him over.)


So, I’m not going to try to describe how I figured out the next sequence of events, just that there was a lot of trial and error and not enough hints or clues from the game, and when I did get them, they were out of context.

I had the idea of setting a trap at the ad agency to catch the mouse.  Maybe using the laundry basket and some bait?  That didn’t work, but it appears that the castle can be used as the trap.  I put the cheese pizza inside (mouse + cheese = heaven, right?) and then need to prop up the door with, of all things, Garth’s drumstick. 

But that’s not enough.  So we need to use the chain to connect the shade to the drumstick.

My head is throbbing right now.  This is just getting ridiculous.

So, the trap is set, and I guess that we need a way to spring the window shade to pop when Wilbur shows up.  No hints as to why I’d try this, I click the tube on the shade, and I’m told that I need ammunition.

So, the hint there is that I’m going to use the tube like a peashooter to pop the shade.  The ammo?  Hey, finally, a puzzle that requires me to use Garth instead of Wayne, because, “Hey, we programmed a neat feature in the game, maybe we should use it.”

On the counter of the convenience store is, amongst the other junk, a box of jawbreakers.  At first, I tried to buy it with Wayne, but all I could get with him was some gum.  

I really hope spending that dollar on the gum didn’t dead-end me.  I don’t know how much I trust this game.

Just because they serve you doesn't mean they like you.  

In the dialog choices for Wayne, one of them is him trying to buy an issue of Scientific American because it’s his favorite.  If I give the remaining money to Garth and have him talk to the girl, the line is replaced with one about jawbreakers.

I buy those and give them to Wayne.  Back to the ad agency, and I’m able to shoot my way to success.  “Please allow us to do an ad campaign for your pizza-thon at no charge!”

He needs to use the crate to build a raft to escape the island this game.

So when we make our way to the supermarket, the ad for slushies has been replaced with a pizza-thon ad, which we can use the extreme close-up to read.  Oh, and there’s a robot outside.  We can’t really do anything with it right now, I suppose, but I walk over to the front door and try to get in.  Still, entrance is denied.

Off to the right, we find the owner, Gilligan.  And wow, he really looks the part.  He tells us that he’s sad because his forklift is broken and he can’t move a pallet that’s in the way in the warehouse.

Hmm... the professor’s robot is here, perhaps it can help Gilligan escape the island move the crate.  If we help him out, he’ll help us out.  The remote I found at the invention center controls the robot. 

Definitely reminds me of Apogee CGA art like in the OG Duke Nuk'em.

Robot go in.  Robot move crate.  Then robot burn out.  Robot go kablooey.

But that’s okay, the crate was moved.  Gilligan will deliver a boat-load of ingredients.

I did notice the animation of the robot exploding highlighted a specific part in the rubble, so I went in to look at it.  It’s a computer chip called a “POTATO” chip that apparently packs a lot of power.  Don’t know why I need it, but I’m grabbing it.

(Spoiler:  I’m being given an item before I know I need it.  Again.)

The professor gave up... a three hour show.  A three hour show.

Following up with the remote theory, I also try the remote on the screens at the community access station, but Wayne isn’t having it.  But talking to the man at the desk tells us that a time slot opened up, because Dr. Gadget’s invention got damaged and he canceled.  Woo-hoo!

For those keeping score at home, that’s now 9 out of 10 goals.  What’s left?  The totals board.

So exploring places again, it turns out that at channel 8 the other TV station, there was one other show on the taping schedule I can now watch.  Professor Von Ludwig presents “Build it Yourself”.  Today he’s teaching us how to make something that could be gotten for $15 on Amazon,  a time and temperature display screen.

Wait, you might be thinking to yourself, this might be just what we need?

So we watch the show and the inept professor blows up a display, but we learn something important.  It can be built with many common household items and a special POTATO chip (a Potassium Oxide Trilizium Analog Tertiary Operating chip).  Well, now, we seem to already have one of those, so after the show we make friends with a nerd in the audience, who agrees to make the display for us if we provide him with the chip.  Just bring the chip down to the unemployment office, where he usually is whenever this show isn’t taping.

We bring it down, and he goes off to make the board, which he’ll be delivering to the restaurant.

Now to a montage and some more bad music, obviously not performed by our, Cassandra.

But suddenly, just as they hit the magic number of $50k, everything gets interrupted when a silhouetted stranger breaks into our broadcast.

He is very obviously meant to be a reference to Kim Jong Un, right down to the haircut.  

So, our new television friend hypnotizes the audience while talking about how Wayne and Garth are really, really bad influences.  While that is happening, tragedy strikes.

On the way to the mayor’s office to deliver the money, Eugene had his camera equipment stolen.

Oh, yeah, also Cassandra was kidnapped.

Next time we’ll start looking for babes.

Session Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 2 hour 40 minutes

Wayne’s Inventory:  Hockey stick, final contract, lucky sausage, guitar, to-do list, tube, laundry basket, Suck Cut™, pack of gum, remote control

Garth’s Inventory:  $3

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  1. Wow, that last link looking for the babes brought back some awful memories about one of the worst movie sequels in history

    1. Yeah, not a great sequel, but some of the music was good.

  2. (arcanetrivia here) Are you sure it's not Kim Jong Il? Kim Jong Un would only have been about eight to ten years old when this game was made.

    1. In Michael's defense it's extremely easy to get the last bit of their names confused if you don't speak Korean.

    2. It was lazy googling on my part. I got my dictators confused.

  3. Ooh, plot twist.

  4. Replies
    1. Hey, no fair spoiling the game for everyone else... 😿


Note Regarding Spoilers and Companion Assist Points: There's a set of rules regarding spoilers and companion assist points. Please read it here before making any comments that could be considered a spoiler in any way. The short of it is that no points will be given for hints or spoilers given in advance of the reviewer requiring one. Please...try not to spoil any part of the game...unless they really obviously need the help...or they specifically request assistance.

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