Saturday, 20 May 2017

Fascination - Aphrodisiac in Orifice

Written by Ilmari

High-class CEOs put their numbers in Who’s Who, low-class erotic photographers don’t

Last time I had just managed to retrieve two stolen vials of inhibition breaking drug from the hiding place of a crooked plastic surgeon, Doc Hillgate, hidden under an ordinary lingerie store. Jeffrey Miller, now deceased CEO of Quantum Laboratories, had asked me to deliver these vials and the one hidden in my room to his son, Kenneth. But first I had a date with certain Robaire de la Cafetiere.

The lady in the lobby told me that the key to my room was missing, but a message was left for me by Robaire, who was apparently waiting me in my room. She also told me that the some package had been delivered into my room. I stopped only to pick up a third newspaper, which this time told about the death of Mr. Miller, and went up in my room.

Someone had got there first. Robaire was lying out cold on my bed, although he was still alive. He had probably been taken out by the contents of a mysterious box of ginger chocolates, which I picked up. All my stuff had been messed, erotic books and torn underwear was everywhere. I also found a lapel pin from Blue Red Club.

Interesting that Doralice likes to frequent famous red light districts

My major concern was the vial I had hidden in the fridge with the ice cubes. The ice tray was empty, but the contents had not been taken by the the robber. Instead, I found a broken vial on the table. Apparently Robaire had stuffed ice cubes in his drink and accidentally swallowed also the inhibition lowering chemical.

I called the reception and told them what had happened in my room. Surprisingly, someone had already called the police and an inspector was waiting for me downstairs. Turns out, this inspector was the guy in the wheelchair, whom the flight attendant Prisca had mentioned to me.

Caption contest

When I talked with the inspector, it appeared to be completely down to luck whether I would find the right choice not leading to me being thrown into jail. The inspector knew already I had discovered the first vial from the briefcase of Fayard Nichols and I could admit that the contents of this vial had been consumed by Robaire. If I admitted knowing that Jeffrey Miller was murdered or if I gave the vials I had found in the hideout under lingerie shop to the inspector, I met a game over.

After the interrogation, inspector went away. The casters of inspector’s chair had revealed a torn piece of paper with four numbers. I had earlier read a local Playboy surrogate, where I saw the beginning of the phone number of photographer Lou Dale. This torn corner was most likely from that magazine. Since I had found photos made by same person at the secret hideout of the villain, it was obvious I should go and make a phone call.

The receptionist told me that Robaire de la Cafetiere had just gone out and seemed like a tiger in heat - the inhibition lowering drug was apparently working. With nothing better to do, I called Lou Dale and arranged a meeting at the studio-apartment complex of the photographer.

Erotic photos must pay well

A suspicious blue car was parked in front of Lou’s home. Looking inside, I saw a similar lapel pin I had seen in my room and a package of lingerie from the shop where the crooks had their hideout. I also found a dollar bill under the wiper, which was apparently a common gangster method for avoiding parking tickets.

Maybe they do home deliveries

Trying the front door wasn’t a clever thing to do.

I’d also be scared of him

Next to the side door was a trash can, where I could found a fourth newspaper. This time, it was pretty disturbing. Turns out, the drug Robaire had drunk didn’t make him just superhorny. It also made him assault innocent women and practically turned him into a rapist. This was an unexpectedly drastic plot development in a game that had been mostly just mindless fun.

I am not really sure what to make of this

The side door was locked, but I could see the key on the other side of the lock. I wonder, what should I do? I first tried the newspaper, but that was apparently too thick to go under the the door. Instead, I had to use the folder of photos I had taken from the hiding place of villains. Then all I had to do was to push the key with a scalpel.

The first place I learned about this trick was
an Enid Blyton book , but does anyone know an even elder source?

Let’s start cooking!

The door took me to the kitchen of Lou Dale. I could see someone moving through a service hatch, but if I opened it up too much, I could be seen also - the gangster would catch me. So, whatever I should do, I had to do it in the kitchen. I started opening the doors and found various kitchen utensils:
  • Top right corner: nothing
  • Bottom right corner: “Sexual appetite” by Béatrix Frénésie and “Cuisine and astrology. What sauce for Virgos?” by Master Gandalf le Grand Etourdi
  • Bottom right middle: a bowl, which I could put on a table
  • Bottom left middle: a cloth and a bottle of lye
  • Bottom left corner: a waste bin
  • Top left corner: a glass which fell into the ground, alerting the gangster, if I had not opened the waste bin - otherwise, it dropped straight to the bin. Behind the glass, I found a bottle of bleach
  • Top left middle: nothing
  • Top right middle: ammonia

There’s always time for bad Descartes jokes

It was obviously time to play MacGyver. I poured bleach, ammonia and lice to the bowl. The bowl started to emit smoke and in a couple of minutes I was dead.

Alright, let’s try to be more careful! This time, I put on a surgical mask I had in my inventory, placed the smoking bowl through the service hatch and closed the hatch. Would that do the trick?


Turns out, the hatch wasn’t completely airtight. I still had to wet the cloth with water and then seal the final hole in the hatch with the cloth. A few minutes later I had incapacitated the gangster. I could finally go and rescue Lou Dale...

...who turned out to be a woman

I released Lou and asked if she knew her assailant. She didn’t, but she was convinced her apartment had been surveilled for some time. Five months ago she had been hired to seduce Kenneth Miller and take a photograph of him discretely. Lou continued to have an affair with Kenneth, but then after a month he suddenly disappeared, and when he returned, he didn’t appear to recognise her. When Doralice mentioned she had found Lou’s photos in the possession of a crooked plastic surgeon Peter “Doc” Hillgate, they came to the conclusion - obvious to the player at this point - that Doc needed the pictures for a surgical operation.

Well, it’s pretty clear that Kenneth Miller has already been switched to some other guy - my guess is that Kenneth was the poor bastard who was shot in the intro. Doralice and Lou appeared to not have realised this. Instead, Doralice wanted to warn Kenneth. Lou told her that Mr. Miller had started to hang at Red and Blue club - coincidentally, Doralice had found a lapel pin of that club in her room, after it had been ransacked. Lou gave Doralice Miller’s signet ring, which he had left at her place.

At this point, Doralice was beginning to get worried about the vials of dangerous substance she had to return to Kenneth Miller. Luckily, Lou Dale had just the thing for the occasion.

Of course you want to put a vial of potentially lethal
substance into a hollow love egg inserted to your orifice

I’ve seen this club before - in the intro

I think this is quite enough details for this post. I really enjoyed the mixing up chemicals -puzzle this time, although the plot is becoming sillier and sillier.

Session time: 1 hour
Total time: 6 hours

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  1. Caption : You can talk! I'm not the one with "Click if ok" written on my crotch!

  2. How did the newspaper take photos of the rapist?

    1. Good question. From this particular photo it seems like the photographer was the one assaulted. Even more disturbing is the final image, which shows also the body of the rape victim - that's just horrible editorial policy from a newspaper and probably violates some law.