Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guest Game 2: The Oregon Trail - Comp Winner

Trickster's Note: You might recall that Ilmari wished to award anyone that would send in a screenshot of their final score in The Oregon Trail 10 CAPs. Furthermore, the companion with the highest score would get an extra 30 CAPs! I received three entries, but Zenic Reverie's was far and away the highest with 8076. His email included a little bit of explanation as to how he achieved it as well as a section of the game that Ilmari missed out on, so I thought it would be worth posting.

This is my top score. Hope it's enough. And the breakdown.

Oh it was enough alright!

Here's my starting gear in case anyone is interested:

Getting through as a farmer seems to be the key. Triple points!

General strategy was to go get a lot of food up front, and go at a grueling pace for the first quarter, strenuous for the next third, and steady for the remaining. Any time something bad would happen, or if my condition was not good, I'd stop to hunt or rest for 5 days.

Also, there's an alternative path to Oregon that Ilmari didn't mention. If you choose to use the Columbia River from Fort Walla Walla, you get a river boat mini-game.

I think Ilmari would have appreciated the variety this mini-game would have offered.

Elapsed Time: 2h30m

Here's the CAP Distribution for the game too.

100 CAPs for Ilmari
Guest Blogger Award – 100 CAPs – For blogging his way through the game for our enjoyment

50 CAPs for Andy Panthro
Sponsor Award - 20 CAPs - For sponsoring the blog with free games
Guess the Team Award – 10 CAPs – For figuring out two members of Ilmari’s team
Final Score Award – 10 CAPs – For emailing through a final score of 3216
True Companion Award – 10 CAPs – For playing along with Ilmari and finishing the game

50 CAPs for Zenic Reverie
Kickass Score Award – 40 CAPs – For emailing through a huge final score of 8076
True Companion Award – 10 CAPs – For playing along with Ilmari and finishing the game

35 CAPs for Charles
Guess the Team Award – 25 CAPs – For figuring out five members of Ilmari’s team
Storytime Award – 10 CAPs – For expanding on Ilmari’s vivid Oregon adventure

20 CAPs for Draconius
Guess the Team Award – 15 CAPs – For figuring out the leader of Ilmari’s team
Genre Support Award – 5 CAPs – For announcing a new adventure game sale on GOG

20 CAPs for Aperama
Final Score Award – 10 CAPs – For emailing through a final score of 4290
True Companion Award – 10 CAPs – For playing along with Ilmari and finishing the game

10 CAPs for TBD
Psychic Prediction Award – 10 CAPs – For correctly predicting the score Zenic would give the game

10 CAPs for Canageek
Reddit Explanation Award – 5 CAPs – For successfully mocking my mockery
Genre Support Award – 5 CAPs – For announcing a new adventure game on Steam

5 CAPs for Lars-Erik
Grim Fandango Award – 5 CAPs – For announcing the great news that Grim Fandango will be back

5 CAPs for Kenny McCormick
Watery and Bloody Anal Discharge Award – 5 CAPs – For being so romantic


  1. Companion Leaderboard Updated

    Note: I transferred 10 CAPs from Canageek to Ilmari as requested and deducted 110 CAPs from Ilmari's trading CAP total for prizes he awarded.

    1. Finally over thousand CAPs, yeah! Ironic that this had no effect for my trading power, since I poured it all to the community. Oh well, thanks for Canageek, or I would have made negative profits.

  2. Yes...I'm procrastinating from playing Altered Destiny. It scares me!

    I could do with a little support.


    1. What do you need in way of support?
      Whatever it is, I can probably offer none! :-P

    2. Just look at the next game... Quest for Glory 2! Come on, you can do it... just get past this one to get on to better games. Even though I haven't been commenting much, I've been enjoying your write-ups.

    3. How about this for a support: it's not that long a game, if you just fight through few parser problems, it'll be over in a minute.

    4. Or this: I managed to acheive all of the random things you have up to this point (plus one other) largely by using the mindset, "if I were the developer of Les Manley, how would I make a puzzle?"

      In truth, I've not run it up for a week because my quasi-annual playthrough of Betrayal at Krondor has had my attention. Okay I've been putting it off because it gives me headaches.

      I'll finish if you do? *worried eyes*

    5. http://www.runnersworld.com/sites/default/files/files/2012/01/blue-undies_0.jpg

  3. Looks like the screenshots got mixed up. That's my ending gear. Here's the starting supplies: http://i.imgur.com/oHz1h76.png

    Thanks for the CAPs!

    1. Great achievement with the top score. I'd really like to have seen that minigame.

    2. It's funny because where the paths diverge you either pay for the toll road, or raft down the river; however, every other river you had to pay someone for a raft.

  4. The randomness of the game can trip you up, but it's generally quite forgiving. I played through on "Carpenter", but I think I could have picked the harder difficulty and done okay. I never had issues with food, bullets or oxen and only once had an issue with clothing after a thief stole 9 sets!

    1. Wagon fire was definitely the most devastating during my three games.

    2. My first attempt I had two wagon fires within the first ten minutes of the game. Awful.

  5. @TBD:

    I'll need an email (or Steam name) to gift you your prize for nearest score.

    1. If you email it me, I'll pass it on to TBD if you like.

    2. Woohoo. I won without knowing a damn thing about the game. I knew ignorance would be useful one day.

      My Steam name is 'The Brown Dragon' and yeah, Trickster has my email if you'd prefer that.


    3. We should all trade steam names, or set up a The Adventure Gamer steam group.

      I'm Canageek if anyone wants to add me.

    4. I'm SunKing on Steam, feel free to add me for those that haven't already.

  6. Ah, yes... I'm full definitely full of romance and not, y'know... full of that OTHER stuff I was talking about.

  7. Holy shit! Humble Bundle has this great Adventure game deal going on now!