Monday, 14 January 2013

Game 27: Emmanuelle - Won!

Marc-Henri Journal Entry 4: “Emmanuelle is mine! A few days ago my dream of seducing her looked like it would always remain a fantasy, but since that time I have educated myself in the ways of eroticism to the point where she could no longer deny me. I have bedded a masked woman from the carnival, twin sisters (at the same time), and a sensual woman named Sam multiple times, all with the intention of increasing my erotic potential. Yet even after these conquests made me the walking pinnacle of seduction, finding Emmanuelle proved a challenging exploit. It is done now, and I don’t plan on letting Emmanuelle out of my sight (or my bed) for a long time to come.”

Not having to play this game ever again is cause for celebration. Let's get naked!

I’ve finished Emmanuelle! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about that, particularly as the last couple of hours were tremendously tedious. I could easily fill another couple of posts with everything that I went through during the ten hours I played the game (six since I last posted), but I think it’s safe to assume that everyone’s ready to move onto something more enjoyable. For that reason, I will forego my usual session playthrough approach and get straight down to business. Be aware that I must have restarted Emmanuelle over forty times since I first loaded it up, so everything you’re about to read was discovered by pure trial and error. Basically I just kept trying things out in an attempt to understand the game mechanics behind everything, if indeed there were any to discover.

100 Erotic Potential! I actually doubted myself for a while there.

Unfortunately, discovering what was required of me to complete the game was only half the battle. The randomness of so many sections made achieving everything in the one playthrough near impossible, as you will soon see. I’ll split the game into three distinct sections to make this description as straight forward as possible. 1. Find the statuettes. 2. Sleep with the women that each statuette relates to. 3. Find Emmanuelle. I’ve already described in my previous posts how to find the three statuettes, but it can be summarised as follows. The first one is with the man in the casino and can be collected by giving him the aphrodisiac received from the guy in the boat. The second one is found in the waterfall at Iguacu, and can only be picked up if I purchased the toucan (yes, the toucan!!!) or received the harness from the helicopter pilot. The third one is found in the opera house, but can only be collected when the opera house is closed (which occurs randomly).

Apparently jumping off this cliff is just fine if you have a toucan in your possession

Once I had the three statuettes, I had to figure out how to use them to increase my erotic potential to a level that would satisfy Emmanuelle. There were no instructions found anywhere as to how high my erotic potential needed to be, but I decided early on that I was going to aim for 100 to make sure. My attempts at tracking down Emmanuelle so far had not gone well, so I wanted to make sure I had a high enough potential when we did finally cross paths. Sleeping with women in the game generally made my energy and erotic potential go down rather than up, but by mere accident I came across an encounter where it did actually increase in my second session with the game. As it turned out, it was by far the most difficult of the three encounters to discover! The manual suggested that the first thing I should do in Brazil is seek out Mario. It gave no hints as to where he might be, but it did say that he would dictate the “three laws of eroticism” to me. While investigating random rooms in the Salvador hotel, I randomly came across him.

Here's another random encounter that I had. Emmanuelle doing a strip show before my eyes!

Mario was behind the first door on the first floor, and I’d assumed at the time that he would always be found there. Finding him not only resulted in my character being informed of the three laws (which are all in the manual anyway), but it also resulted in me using one of the statuettes. “Ah, my dear Marc-Henri! I was waiting for you! Emmanuelle runs from you and she is right! Erotically, you are so profane!” He continued: “But all is not lost! Eroticism is an art which you can learn through willpower and application... Only these things are really erotic; the extraordinary, the uncensored, the UNUSUAL! Eroticism hates equilibrium. Eroticism prefers ASYMMETRY. Beware of complete satisfaction! Eroticism needs NUMBER. One more point! In this country are 3 statuettes which represent these rules. Finding them will bring you nearer to Emmanuelle! Come on; put on this mask! I’m taking you to taste the real carnival; the one which makes you lose your head!”

The translation didn't do the game any favours.

I didn’t realise at the time how damn fortunate I was to have that mask in my possession, as Mario was never in that room again. It would take me quite a few hours of playing before I finally discovered how to find out where he was in each particular playthrough. Once again, finding out Mario’s whereabouts is completely random! I’d already seduced Nancy the hotel slut in Salvador a couple of times without anything interesting happening, but on my third attempt she suddenly told me a very useful piece of information. “I think you might like to meet Mario; he’s a teach of eroticism! He looks like a Florentine marquis; he’s thin, tall, with piercing, deep black eyes...he’s staying in room number 304.” Finally I knew how to find Mario each time I played the game, which meant I could get the mask and visit the carnival.

I don't care what he looks like. Just give me the room number!

I could always visit the carnival in Salvador without the mask, but every time I’d tried I’d received a message stating “you can’t stay here! You’re not in fancy dress!” and then was sent packing. With the mask in my possession I was able to seduce the women there. Since the Law of UNUSUAL is “You must never see your partner’s face”, it seemed clear that the woman on the right of screen with the mask on should be a target. Sure enough, when I slept with her, I saw a different screen than usual, with a hand appearing through the blinds to drop some panties before the standard sex scene. One of the statuettes was also flashing, and my erotic potential increased by about 25 points, convincing me that I’d found one of the critical encounters to completing the game.

The one time I took off the woman's mask ruined my chances of completing the game, much to my distress

At the end of my last post I’d just figured out that Sam the helicopter pilot appeared in two places in the game, and since the Law of NUMBER is “you must have multiple relations with the same partner”, I’d figured sleeping with her in both locations would be the way to go. That line of thinking turned out to be correct, but it wasn’t particularly easy to make it happen. Since seducing women is a bit hit and miss in general (as it is in the real world), there was no way to guarantee that I was going to successfully sleep with her twice in the same game. In most seduction instances it was a matter of leaving the screen and coming back to have another shot, but since I only knew of one way to get to the garden party where Sam was, and that opportunity only came up once during the game (when the woman appears in the hotel lift), failing to seduce Sam at the party led to an apparent dead end.

Bring Sam the wrong thing from the buffet and it's all over.

I eventually found out that on random (there’s that word again) occasions, visiting the opera house in Manaus led to a scene where I could chat with the governor and get an invitation that way. I now realise this is the use of the opera glasses I purchased in the fevolas, and not discovering the statuette as I first thought. Having this option meant I could try that approach if I failed to seduce the woman in the lift or Sam at the party on the first attempt. If I could manage to sleep with Sam in the bar of the Iguacu hotel and at the party in Manaus, then I was rewarded with another panty dropping scene and more erotic potential points. That left only one more potential increasing encounter, and that was the one that avoided me the longest. During one of my very early visits to the beach in Rio, I came across two near naked women (twins?) trying to get my attention. My attempts to seduce them at the time had failed, and I didn’t see them there again in any of my subsequent games.

 Yeah, like that doesn't sound dodgy or anything.

However, since the Law of ASYMMETRY is “there must be an odd number of partners”, this scene seemed a likely candidate for the use of the third statuette. I questioned this law in my last post, since having an odd number of partners could be satisfied by having one partner, but as a few of you mentioned, it was safe to assume that the game wanted me to have a threesome. The problem I had was that I couldn’t make the women reappear to have another crack at every man’s dream. Eventually it was one of my screenshots that gave me the info I needed, as it clearly showed me arriving in the yacht from Salvador. The only way to make the two women appear on the beach was to get on the yacht with the very accommodating woman in Salvador and travel to Rio that way, despite the fact that this caused me to lose energy and erotic potential points in the process.

Stop the boat. STOP THE DAMN BOAT!!!!

Only then was I able to attempt to seduce the women, and failing pretty much created a dead end (going through the travel process again reduced my erotic potential further and further to the point where I couldn’t recover). This was made worse by the fact that seducing these women appeared impossible! I recorded all of my answers and the results, and it appeared to me that there was simply no way to remove the remaining clothes they were wearing, in spite of how scant they were. It turned out that seducing the girl on the right is much easier as she responds to anything relating to music or art, and once she agreed to sex, her sister would very handily invite herself along. The resulting sex scene didn’t visually include three individuals, but it did increase my potential points, meaning I’d found the final encounter needed to complete the game!

Um...I don't know. Don't you think three people in one bed would be a bit crowded? Maybe next time.

So, to finish the game, this is what I was going to have to do, in this order. Purchase the toucan, the pandiero and the opera glasses from the woman in the fevolas. Get the aphrodisiac from the sailor at the beach. Go to the casino and give a cigar and the aphrodisiac to the gambler to get the first statuette. Travel to Iguacu by plane and get the second statuette from the waterfall. Seduce and sleep with Sam at the hotel. Travel to Manaus by plane and visit the opera house to get the third and final statuette. Seduce the woman in the lift to go the governor’s party and then seduce Sam there again to increase erotic potential. Travel to Salvador by plane and then get on the yacht at the beach to sleep with the woman and travel to Rio. Seduce and sleep with the two girls on the beach to increase erotic potential further. Travel back to Salvador by plane and seduce Nancy at the bar to get the room number for Mario (repeat the process until she gives it to me, but don't actually sleep with her). Visit Mario’s room to get the mask and go to the carnival. Seduce the masked woman, leaving her mask on, to increase erotic potential to 100. Find Emmanuelle.

Three statuettes + three panties = 100 erotic potential

Easy right!? Even once I’d figured out this whole process, it took me over two hours to actually put it into practice. There are just so many things that can go wrong on the way, with failed seductions due to no correct pickup lines being the main culprit. When I finally did play a perfect game and got 100 erotic potential, I still had to find Emmanuelle to complete the game. I began asking the barmen and the concierges at each of the hotels if they knew where she was or where her next port of call was. I received nothing but “I’m sorry, Sir, I have no idea!” messages for over half an hour, and soon enough was running dangerously low on cash. I was down to about $3500 when finally one of the barmen said “Yes, Miss Emmanuelle did have a drink here. She intended to leave for Iguacu.” Excitedly I hopped on a plane to Iguacu (taking my cash level down to $2500) and spoke to the barman there. “Yes, Miss Emmanuelle did have a drink here. She intended to leave for Salvador.” Aaaaagggghhhh!!!!!!

This woman must have racked up some serious frequent flyer points!

I had a terrible feeling that the game was going to lead me on a wild goose chase, and that I was going to run out of money before finding Emmanuelle. I considered heading straight for Rio and trying my hand at gambling in the casino, but feared losing the trail that I’d spent so long trying to pick up. I crossed my fingers and hopped on a plane for Salvador. Apparently Emmanuelle was on the plane, as I was suddenly shown an image of what I assume was my character seducing her. “Emmanuelle...I’m going to make you howl!” was all my character said before my game was abruptly and unsatisfyingly thrown back to a C prompt. I guess it’s a fitting way for such a horribly designed and implemented game to finish. As a final note, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in making me play Emmanuelle. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. ;)

"I'm going to make you crashing your game back to the C prompt with no closure!"

Session Time: 6 hours 00 minutes
Total Time: 10 hours 00 minutes


  1. A couple of notes:

    1) There is a version of this game for the Amiga. I don't recall if the graphics and sound were any better, but if you play through WinUAE, you have access to save-states. Anyone else trying to slog through this game should keep that in mind.

    That version also crashes when you are on the plane with Emmanuelle. When I played it, I actually assumed that there was a end-scene that was supposed to play after the bit in the airplane (even if it was just a repeat of the standard sex cut-scene), but somehow it doesn't surprise me that the PC version crashes out too.

    2) There is a way to get more money in the game, but I don't know if you already found it. If you buy a drink and give it to the older woman in the casino next to the guy you give the cigar to, she will give you a lucky number which you can play on the roulette wheel. It will automatically win and this will refill your wallet.

    (Normally I'd have put this in spoiler-text, but under the circumstances I think that would be cruel and unusual punishment. Go on to the next game!)

    1. Thanks for the info Splitting Image. It's nice to know that the game does give the player an opportunity to increase all three stats (money, energy and erotic potential). Unfortunately it doesn't let the player know how to actually do it, so it involves just trying things.

  2. Whooo hooo! Done! Onto something that doesn't suck! Soooo, worst score ever? *Crosses fingers*

    Look on the brightside. From now on, no matter what, you can say "At least I'm not playing Emanuelle"

    1. It was really bad...but I'm not sure it was as bad as Psycho!

    2. At least Psycho was super short, even with game breaking bugs (comparable to random events maybe).

  3. And Indy is coming at last! Ready to start.

  4. I at least tried to warn others…

    I managed to win the game with something like 78 EP, beating just the rules of asymmetry and number. It must have required incredible amount of patience to go to full hundred

    1. I figured that I probably wouldn't need 100, but how did you know how many points you actually needed? Did I miss somewhere that it said it?

    2. Quoting manual: "Your aim is to take the same plane as EMMANUELLE, with an erotic potential of between 75% and 100%."

    3. RTFM!!!!

      Don't know how I missed that.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the game! My condolences on playing the game. I am looking forward to the ratings.

  6. You deserve hazard pay for this one, Trickster.

    1. Just some pay would be nice! ;)

    2. Hey, I offered you a physical copy of Peter Pan: A Story Paining Adventure and Eagle Eye Mysteries: The Original. By EA*Kids. (From 1993 and 1994 respectively)

  7. I was reading about Doom and came across some discussion on MIDI playback that might influence our discussion. It seems to indicate that they expected it to be played back on lots of MIDI devices, so you might as well use the best one.

  8. I am so glad that that one is over. It was painful enough reading about it, I can't imagine having to play the damned thing

  9. This game only seemed mildly surreal, as opposed to, say, Psycho or Codename: Iceman, and only as sexist as a Leisure Suit Larry game (but with graphics that are actually enticing). I had to remind myself a couple of times that you were indeed frustrated by this game, what with the lack of save file.