Thursday, 18 November 2021

Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon - Final Rating

By Ilmari

You know my dislike of anthropomorphic cars. Despite this, I’ve grown to tolerate Putt-Putt and his card friends. And although Putt-Putt games are simple, they still have an undeniable charm. We’ll see how far that goes with PISSED rating.

Puzzles and Solvability

It’s hard not to repeat oneself, when you are reviewing games that use the same formula. Just like with the first game, I could note that the puzzles are a bit on the obvious side, although that’s just to be expected, when you remember the intended audience. The puzzles in the second game are perhaps a bit more innovative than in the first game - at least I didn’t have to repeatedly go through a boring minigame.
Even the seemingly repetitive puzzles were fun because of all the hidden animations

Score: 3.
Interface and Inventory

Humongous Entertainment didn’t try to fix what was working just fine, and indeed, interface is an exact copy of the previous game (well, almost - the gasometer that was of some importance in the first game was now merely decorative). It is a bit too simple to my taste, just like inventory, but again, both are well suited for a children’s game.
They really removed the need to be at least minimally literate
Score: 6.

Story and Setting

I criticised the first game because of its almost complete lack of plot. Although the second Putt-Putt game is still a far cry from Shakespeare - or even Dan Brown - the producers did manage to add at least one plot twist (flap of butterfly wings leading to Putt-Putt’s trip to the Moon). A more substantial improvement is the setting - Moon is more a vibrant place than the bland Car Town.
Mice tourists are just some of the intriguing characters Putt-Putt meets on Moon

Score: 4.

Sounds and Graphics

Again, there’s not that much difference to the first game, but there are two clear improvements. Firstly, the music is a bit more memorable. A particularly positive point is the title song, which is just perfect for this type of game - it’s catchy and hummable. Secondly, although there’s not huge improvement in the graphics, Moon and its denizens just look a lot more interesting.

Score: 6.

Environment and Atmosphere

Even more than its predecessor, Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon is more than just a regular adventure game. For a small child, it’s a treasure house of humorous animations, slightly educational material and enjoyable minigames. Perfect children’s entertainment!
If you make Putt-Putt drink enough coloured milk shakes, he’ll change his colour.

Score: 8.

Dialogue and Acting

It is astounding that the game has only two actors (and frankly said, I guess Scott Burns - a man of many voices - could probably do also Putt-Putt, who is now played by young Jason Ellefson). Acting is thus quite professional, but the dialogue is otherwise pretty unmemorable.

Score: 5.

Counting it all together we get...(3 + 6 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 5)/0.6 = 53!

That's eight points over what the first Putt-Putt game got. Impressive and well deserved! Let's see, it was Vetinari who was closest with his guess of 52 - congratulations, you'll receive CAPs as your prize. Indeed, since this was a mainline game, it's time do another...

CAP Distribution

100 CAPs for Ilmari
  • Blogger Award - 100 CAPs - For playing and blogging about Putt-Putt for our enjoyment
150 CAPs for Morpheus Kitami
  • Classic Blogger Award - 50 CAPs - For playing and blogging about Alice in Wonderland for our enjoyment
  • Another Classic Blogger Award - 50 CAPs - For playing and blogging about Hurlements for our enjoyment
  • Hoarding these? Yet Another Classic Blogger Award - 50 CAPs - For playing and blogging about The Count for our enjoyment
50 CAPs for Joe Pranevich
  • Classic Blogger Award - 50 CAPs - For playing and blogging about the Manhole for our enjoyment
20 CAPs for Laukku
  • Herge Connoisseur Award - 20 CAPs - For solving lot of riddles
15 CAPs for Vetinari
  • Psychic Prediction Award - 10 CAPs - For the closest score guess for Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon
  • Robert Heinlein Award - 5 CAPs - For solving one riddle
15 CAPs for ShaddamIVth
  • Space Modulator Award - 5 CAPs - For solving one riddle
  • Psychic Prediction Award - 10 CAPs - For the closest score guess for Alice in the Wonderland
13  CAPs for ATMachine
  • Roverandom Award - 5 CAPs - For solving one riddle
  • Moonraker Award - 5 CAPs - For solving another riddle
  • Political Cartoonist Award - 3 CAPs - For information on John Tenniel
8 CAPs for Cavalier973
  • Tweedledee Award - 8 CAPs - For explaining details of Alice in the Wonderland 
3 CAPs for Leo Velles
  • Horror Movie Aficionado Award - 3 CAPs - For details on the rivalry of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff
3 CAPs for Adam Thornton
  • Down from a Goose - 3 CAPs - For explaining a pun
3 CAPs for Torbjörn Andersson
  • Space Race Historian Award - 3 CAPs - For correcting information on space flights


  1. The game seems a lot more lively, the developers clearly knew their weaknesses and strengths and worked accordingly. Cannot fault them for sticking to the formula of the first game but they did really work on the world around the story. The relatively high score seems well deserved!

  2. Sorry if I'm being a bother, but I thought that in the comments on the post with the riddles I was given another 5 CAPs for specifying that the James Bond film with the centrifuge was Moonraker?