Thursday, 18 March 2021

What's Your Story: Sabrina LaFey

Answers: Sabrina LaFey
Introduction and captions: Ilmari 

Our community of adventure game aficionados has received a new member. Let us all give a warm welcome to Sabrine LaFey!

My home country is… I have lived in the United States my whole life.

The first adventure game I played was… I don't remember much from when I was a kid, but I think my first adventure game was Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal".

Plot: all the dairy cows have been kidnapped and there's only goat's milk for cereal.
This sound so awesome I'll volunteer for reviewing this game.

When I’m not playing games I like to… I like to spend my time learning Japanese. At first, this was because there are many comics and video games that have never been translated to English, but I've grown to actually enjoy learning it. Somehow.

I like my games in (a box, digital format)… I prefer my games digitally. Partly because my room is very small, but mostly because my home-built computer does not have a CD drive.

The thing I miss about old games is… It sucks that games no longer come with huge-ass manuals filled with beautiful colored illustrations. I loved reading those on the bus to and from school.

The best thing about modern games is… When it comes to adventure games, the abandoning of deliberate dead-ends was the best thing to ever happen to the genre. I also like in-game maps (especially since I'm dreadful at making maps), which is why the games from Legend Entertainment are the only text adventures I enjoy playing.

You know there are other text adventure with in-game maps?

The one TV show I never miss is… I don't watch much TV these days.

If I could see any band live it would be… I'd love to see a live Billy Joel concert.

My favourite movie is… My favorite movie is Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0. I have never seen it, therefore I can imagine how great it is, without my imagination being foiled by reality.

Fair enough. That's why I won't tell you whether this is a screenshot from your favourite movie.

One interesting thing about me is… I am not an interesting person.


  1. "You know there are other text adventure with in-game maps?"

    I'm fine with admitting I'm not very knowledgeable about text adventures. I probably should've mentioned that in the email, to be fair.

  2. Interesting name for a male!

  3. Welcome, great to hear your story :)