Wednesday 16 March 2016

Poll results: Should we change our colours?

By TAG team

Poll results seem quite clear - majority of our respondents were satisfied with the black background. Thus, we won't be changing it.

Since there was a big minority who still wanted a different background, we'll be providing an opportunity to read the blog in white. We've changed the mobile view of the blog so that it shows white background. "But I am reading it with an ordinary computer!" Don't worry! You can easily choose to read the blog through the mobile view just by adding ?m=1 to the end of the blog URL. So in principle, everyone wins. Isn't that just dandy!


  1. Great. Now fix the width of the blog back to how it was (apparently it got changed with the addition of the "recent comments" widget).

    1. Someone noticed!

      That was done on purpose to see if it works better. I'm guessing for one person at least, the answer is no.

      Do you not like the new width (apart from us needing to fix the title picture, which is an obvious thing that we'll fix)?

      We were discussing the wasted space on the left and right of the screen and trying to use some of it.

      As always, any comments and opinions are welcome so chime in if you like/dislike it.

    2. Wider paragraphs are more uncomfortable for me to read for one thing. But maybe I can get used to it. And the column thingy to the left actually benefits a lot from the extra space as line breaks happen less frequently now.

      And finally the JPG compression in the title image has been bothering me for ages. I'd like to see the new version done in higher quality. :-)